Pal-Mac's travel soccer season, Important Dates:

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Club referees needed
The Summer Travel league continues to see a shortage in USSF-certified referees. As a result, many U11 games (and perhaps some others) will not be assigned a certified referee this year.

Such games will be eligible for "club referees" to be assigned. Typically, a club referee is only assigned to a Home game (at Bullis Park) but you might be asked about Away can refuse any request for assignment.

Club referees do not need certification -- but must have the confidence of the club leadership to have sufficient understanding of the game, and a sense of fairness.

They are paid at the following rates:
U11: $50 (60 min game; approx 90 min commitment)   <== MOST LIKELY
U13: $60 (70 min game; approx 100 min commitment) <== OCCASIONALLY
U15: $80 (80 min game; approx 110 min commitment) <== RARE ??

If you are at all interested, please contact Dave at
Prior coaching or refereeing experience is of course a plus.